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Construction Notices

The Law Offices of James B. Devine is very experienced in the construction industry and has decades of experience in construction document preperation.

Experts in Construction Notices

Our comprehensive services for construction notices include:

  • Notice preperation
  • Filing and recording of notices
  • Pre-Lien notices
  • Intent to Lien letters
  • Mechanics' Liens
  • Bond Claims
  • Stop Payment notices
  • Miller Act notices
  • Collection letters
  • Stop Work notices

How Our Experience Can Benefit You

California law provides a number of remedies to contractors to resolve construction payment disputes. Among the tools available to for collecting payment on construction projects are stop notices, bond remedies and mechanic’s liens.

If you are a contractor involved in a construction payment dispute, finding the right attorney is critical. The Law Offices of James B. Devine has over 20 years of experience in dealing with Construction Law based issues and extends our services to contractors, residential and commercial property owners, and public works projects.

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